1500 Calorie Diet Plan For Healthy Weight Loss

1500 Calorie Diet Plan For Men and Women

A 1500 calorie diet plan may seem difficult, but it’s easily achievable if you eat the correct foods. I have personally eaten a diet of just 1500 Calories for over five years when I was on a more strict level of calorie restriction. A calorie restriction diet plan should contain foods from a variety of food groups which will provide all essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and amino acids.

If you are currently eating a vegan diet, then please check out my article on how to do a vegan diet safely.

Eating just 1500 Calories a day as a male is very restrictive, but for females, 1500 Calories a day is a level of caloric restriction where you will see significant health benefits and lose a healthy amount of weight if you’re currently on overweight or on the high end of normal.

Here I will detail a diet plan here for people who want to meet their nutritional requirements by just eating 1500 Calories. Eating this amount of calories might not seem like a lot of food, but I promise you will feel quite full! And the food is delicious and will give you plenty of energy!

Before you begin. If you lose more than 2 lbs a week, please increase the number of calories that you’re consuming. A healthy weight loss of 1 lb is great, and this helps the body adapt to the new level of restriction, and helps ensure that the body can process and eliminate the toxins which will be released from body fat as you lose the weight.

Include exercise in your plan. If you are losing weight, you want to make sure most of that is fat and not muscle. Muscle will help you sustain your metabolism and keep you healthy. Do some moderate exercise, such as running, weights, yoga or whatever you enjoy doing that will keep you active and using those muscles.


Day One of your 1500 calorie diet plan


Breakfast (approx 424 Calories)

Steel cut oats, 50 grams

Almonds, 15 grams

Banana, 1 large

Blueberries, 50 grams

Note: put in almonds, banana, and blueberries into the saucepan to mix just before serving


Lunch (approx 451 Calories)

Wholemeal Bread

One Avocado

Two Tomatoes, Medium

Red onion 25 grams

Black Olives 15 grams

Lettuce (any amount)

Add sauce of your choice to your sandwich: red sauce, hot chillie sauce etc..

Snack: one apple


Dinner (approx 424 Calories)

Brown Rice, half a cup

Black Beans, half a cup

Sweet potato, 150 grams

Extra virgin Olive oil, 1 teaspoon

Broccoli (steamed or raw)



Evening Snack (approx 214 Calories)

Yogurt, low fat 150 grams

Walnuts, 10 grams

Brazil nut, one

Strawberries, 50 grams


Total Calorie Intake  = 1519 K/cal.


Day two coming soon . . .