An Update On My Garden For 2009

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Another Garden update!

I have translated almost all the plants in their best places (after observing the sun and shadows during different times).

Everything seems fine, no transplant shock or any signs of the plant not taking well. The tomatoes are now at the side of my house, 3 of them planted near the trellis to the left and 1 on the right side near the greenhouse.

From my estimate, they are getting 11 hours sun at the moment, and one in the garden box because it was the only spot that received 7 hours of sun. The rest of the time its shaded by the palm trees we have.

The cherry tomato plants below look smaller than they actually are, but I was told to plant them further down into the soil for best results, even if it covers some of the leaves.

Strawberry plants to the left are still small still small. I wish I had started doing this earlier in the year, but next year I’ll make sure I start as early as possible. This year I have just 7 plants, but next year there’ll surely be a lot more from all the runners.

The broccoli is also doing well, but I might have a problem with crowding. I don’t think the roots are that deep with these plants, so I might try moving one of them so they’re spaced out a bit. I think that won’t hurt the plant, or will it?

My 2nd garden box is coming along well, too. The spinach hasn’t really been touched because we put a net over the top that has very small holes in it.

Hopefully, the slugs won’t fit through the holes!

We also have a beer-trap and found quite a few dead slugs by the tomato trees (in the plastic cups) and by the mint plant.

The cover can’t go over the whole box because of the tomato plant, but it covers most of it at least, and it’s only a short-term solution.

I’m looking at getting some sort of copper tape as I heard that works quite well to prevent snails from getting in the box.

From observation, it did look as if there was more spinach in the box, it really grew a lot within a short space of time.

So I harvested some spinach for a smoothie and threw away the really damaged leaves.

So now with the slug issue sorted (I think), hopefully, my next harvest of plants I took leaves from will be good.

The carrots are doing well, I seem to have managed to get away with sowing the seeds in March. They managed to survive and the leaves above the carrots are growing taller!

Within 2 weeks I might see if I can feel around in the earth for some decent size carrots to eat.

Altogether, not so bad for my first attempt at gardening. I’ve still got a lot more things to do that I haven’t gotten around to just yet. But this makes me quite excited!

I thought I best stick to a small variety of plants this year because it’s my first time and it might be a lot to manage. I think next year I’ll plant a lot of different plants to get more variety in my diet. I’ll make sure that I keep you updated on the progress in my garden!

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  • Matthew, your garden is quite lovely, and the spinach looks really good. I’ve found my summer planted spinach (for fall/winter harvest) isn’t bothered by the leaf miners like the spring spinach.

    Good for you on the healthy eating! I’ve never tried going on a completely raw foods diet, but I’ve certainly heard good things about it.

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