These are books that I’ve enjoyed reading and highly recommend checking out. To see more details, read reviews, and to purchase these books, just click on the pictures on the left and you will be directed to the Amazon Store.


The Green Smoothie Bible: This book has so many delicious recipes for green smoothies, there is bound to one that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Green smoothies are a very easy and convenient way to get in your green vegetables like spinach or kale if you don’t like the taste or find it too time consuming to get through. Green smoothies are good for people just starting out eating a raw food diet. They are convenient and simple. All you need is a decent blender and you’re good to go! As smoothies can also be sweetened to a persons taste by adding more fruit, this makes it easy to hide in some green leafy vegetables for kids who don’t like the taste of them. I’ve personally made my nephews and nieces green smoothies before, and they loved them! They started to drink them when they were only five years old! Over time you can decrease the amount of fruit in the smoothies and increase the greens for more nutrition and less sugar. When making the smoothies, you decide how much of each ingredient you want to put in, so the taste can vary. This book gives you plenty of ideas to work from. It won’t be long before you’re experimenting in making your own. The Green Smoothie Bible is a fantastic book to get you started on your healthy lifestyle.  The Green Smoothie Bible



Beyond The 120 Year Diet: Roy Walford was a pioneer when it came to studying the effect of calorie restriction on lifespan in animals. Roy was the first to show that calorie restriction doesn’t only just work when started very early in life, but it also provides a significant increase in average and maximum lifespan when the diet is started in adulthood. This was the first book that I read about calorie restriction before I started doing the diet myself back in 2005, and is a book that everyone who is thinking about going on CR should read first! Roy takes you through all the beneficial effects that a CR diet can have on your health and provides the evidence to support these claims. He also shows you how to practice safe caloric restriction and avoid any risks associated with it. He tells you what tests you should get done to track your health and also what you can expect. Even though the book is fairly old now, the recommendations are sensible, and many of his recommendations are still applicable today. A small part of the book focuses exercise and yoga, as this is important to any longevity strategy. At the end of the book Roy lists many delicious recipes which you can try out!   Beyond The 120 Year Diet



The Okinawa Program: Okinawan’s enjoy amazing health throughout their entire lives. Okinawan elders who’ve kept eating the traditional diet have low rates of cancer, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Many live active lives until 90s and 100s! Okinawan’s have the highest number of centenarians in world. The secret to their eternal youth? They eat a very high plant-based diet with very little meat. A study conducted over a 30 year period showed that Okinawan’s do seem to be ageing at a slower pace than everyone else. Measurements taken of their health show that they are biologically decades younger than their chronological age. They also practice something called “hara hachi bu”, this basically means that they only eat until they are 80% full and then they push the food aside. Therefore, Okinawan’s have been doing calorie restriction for half their adult lives without even counting calories. I’ve personally adopting method also, and it really does help.

 Okinawan Program



The Longevity Diet: This is a very easy to read book. I managed to finish it on the day I received it in the mail from Amazon. The book outlines how to begin a Calorie restricted diet and gives you all the basic principles behind the diet and why it works. It also goes through some of the benefits that have been found in humans who are being studied at Washing University in St Louis. Brian and Lisa, the authors of this book, have both been on a CR diet for many years, so they are able to offer some great insight into how to practice calorie restriction successfully. There’s plenty of very useful and practical tips in this book for those who want to start the diet.

 The Longevity Diet




The CR Way” by Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill: Calorie Restriction can be done in many ways, but to reap the full benefits of the diet, one must pay close attention what you eat and not just how much you eat. In the book they emphasise the importance of glucose control to induce the necessary changes in the body to maximise the benefits of this diet. A person can adhere to a mild calorie restricted diet and still see major benefits when following the CR Way. This book is one of the latest to be published on CR and contains the most up to date information. Calorie Restriction doesn’t have be practiced the same way for everyone. The authors of this book show that we can practice CR in many ways and still extend our lifespan. The CR Way