Reading About Being Successful and Daydreaming

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I’ve not really read much lately, so I thought I’d order some books new books!

I really started to enjoy reading after I found Kurzweil’s books and read through all of them. Age of Spiritual Machines was the first book that really changed my outlook on the future and Ray Kurzweil certainly has had a massive influence on the direction of my life.

If I hadn’t picked up that book, I have no idea where I’d be right now. He was also very kind enough to send me autographed copies of his books!

Thank you, Ray! 🙂

My thoughts on success

So anyway, I thought I’d read some other stuff about technology and the future.

I bought a book called “Anyone Can Do It” by Duncan Bannatyne and it’s been a fun read so far. The basic premise of the book is to get people to understand that no matter how your situation is right now, take action now and you can change your future for the better and become successful.

It’s really about making a smart decision with money and investing correctly. A lot of people have issues with this, including myself. And although books aren’t enough by themselves, they can help guide us and put us on the right path. Assuming we take action after reading!

Duncan made 160 million pounds in a very short space of time. He left school with no qualifications; he was really poor, and one day he decided he would become very rich.

He never invented anything, he was just careful with his money and he built up small businesses.

This guy has been a member of the Dragon’s Den for quite some time now, and he seems a real down to earth and a great guy overall. And he said that he wants to live to 500 years old! How cool is that? How can we contact him to see if he’s interested in helping out aging research and projects such as Mprize or SENS?

So, back to my thoughts on success: While at work I’ve just been thinking about all my family members that are extremely wealthy and how they made it, and it’s all to do with being sensible with money and working hard.

They all moved to places like Australia and Spain, except my uncle who lives a couple of minutes from me and I go see him a few times a year.

My family in Australia have invited us over and we use one of their 3 ‘massive’ houses for 4-6 weeks or so, but my mother never took us, even though they offered to pay for everything while we were over there.

Maybe you have heard of the Oracle? My mother’s aunt was in a very high position in this company in Australia. And her sons own companies, too. I think that the people who are around you can influence you a lot. If you have successful and driven friends and family, that can help you see what life could be like if you tried also.

I think it’s the same with diet as well, right? We are most like the people who we hang out with. That’s why so many people end up becoming overweight and obese. If you have friends who are healthy, then you will be more likely to choose healthier foods and habits.

It makes sense!

Why aren’t rich people donating to anti-aging projects?

One thing that I’m really surprised with is that so many people who have billions of dollars are not helping out with aging research. There is so much money being wasted in trying to deal with each disease separately, it’s a real shame.

If people would understand that treating aging itself would be more effective, then we’d be a lot further along than we are right now in the pursuit of real rejuvenation therapies to help us live healthier and longer lives.

Eventually, I believe that anti-aging medicine will hit the mainstream and it will be an accepted idea. Right now there is a lot of pushback from people who claim that curing aging would be a bad thing.

There are so many reasons why they are wrong, and I would love to expand upon this in the future.

It’s quite surprising: on the one hand we have people who take medicines from the doctor and do other things to extend their life, but they are against anti-aging medicine. I think that such people have not thought these things through well enough yet.


Expanding our mind is important. Reading books allows us to see and understand the thoughts of people who might know a thing or two that we don’t. It’s always a great idea to listen to others and try to expand your mind as much as possible through reading, watching, and listening.

I hope that people will hear the message that treating aging is one of the most important things we can do for humanity.

As Aubrey De Grey says: “Aging kills 100,000 people every single day”. That is a tragedy.

Article reviewed and updated: February 2019.

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