A Brief History And Future Plans

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When I first began researching health and applying what I had learned in 2003, I had no doubt in my mind that I would succeed. Almost right away I felt the effects of eating healthy. My skin cleared up, my allergies were cured, I slept better, and felt like a new person. It might seem strange that at a young age someone could say that, but I think that most people are not living to their full potential. There are many studies published which show that large numbers of people are deficient in many nutrients, and these impact how the body and mind functions. Lack of physical exercise can also have an impact on health, too. Just eating healthy isn’t enough, especially when it comes to your mind.

I’m not perfect when in sticking to my goals and routines. How many time have I said before that I will start exercising, only to get distracted some weeks later by something and then stop? I can very easily stick to a healthy diet, but keeping an exercise routine for me has been difficult. We all make excuses why we can’t do something, and we give up too early before we see the benefits from our efforts. I suppose this could be applied to many areas in life, wouldn’t you agree?

What I Need to Focus On

Now that I’ve been working from home for over two years, my life has definitely changed. I don’t really enjoy being on the computer all day, but my work requires it. And then after I finish work, sometimes I get caught up in other things and spend even more time on the computer. Trying to get a healthy balance here is difficult at the moment, so I need to work on my own goals and become fully self-employed so I can do the things I want. So after a long period of saving, I’ve decided to lower my work hours down to the minimum, and focus on other areas.

I’ll be spending the extra time working on my own projects, including this site, but this one will get a little less attention than the other niche sites for the moment, as I work on monetizing them. I definitely am making more of an effort to post more frequently on this site from now on. Writing blog journals like this takes much less time, but writing articles where I feel obligated to provide accurate information takes more time because of the research I have to do.

On the topic of working from home, here’s funny little comic from the Oatmeal about working for home. It’s not quite that bad for me yet! haha

I Want To Take Classes

I clearly need to become more physically active. I already go for walks and runs some mornings, but it’s not enough. I really would love to do Kung Fu again. It’s the same place I went before (I wonder if any of the same people are there) and classes will be twice a week. The last time I trained there it really helped me focus, stay grounded and it was nice to belong to a club. Martial Arts is not simply about learning to fight but provides many other benefits which can enhance well-being.

Learning Martial Arts is always something I’ve enjoyed in the past. The first class MA class I ever did was in Taekwondo (Korean martial art) just down the road from me in a small community center. I was very excited at the time, especially after watching The Karate Kid, but for whatever reason, I stopped after a few months I think. But damn, in that time I developed good kicking technique and learned to do the splits.

Later on, I experimented with Judo because my best friend at the time and brother went. It wasn’t really my thing, but it was fun for a while. After high school, I was invited to take Karate classes, which I did for over a year. I think I remember how to do some of the Katas still :). And more recently I went to Shaolin Kung Fu class for a short while, but my previous job where I worked evenings got in the way of me saving for California.

It’s only been in the last 2 years that I have the freedom and the time to take the evening classes. I know I should do it, it’d be great for me. Perhaps on Thursday, I’ll check it out and perhaps start classes next week.  I’m also going to go to the gym with a friend on the weekend. So that’ll be 3 days of the week training. I may have to reduce the level of calorie restriction that I’m currently doing for the moment as well.

Looking back, I’ve always been very active for most of my life, so these last few years have been unusual. I’ve not mentioned many other things I’ve done in the past, one of them was football (soccer for Americans) which I played for 15 years almost every day.

I was very good, but never had a strong desire to try to play professionally. As we grew up, playing against adults was a lot rougher, and after already suffering two big injuries myself, I didn’t fancy getting my bones broken as I tried CR and tried living healthily.

My friend Joe who was also very good at football, ended up getting tackled and having his bone sticking out of his shin, which of course needed an operation. There are many other instances where things got kind of rough playing as an adult against local teams. Some players were just very sly and dangerous and got away with stupid stuff because the referees were too lenient. Besides, football is kind of boring to me now anyway.

“Nam Pai Chuan Competition at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff”

Future Posts

What I’m going to do is write a sort of diary type blog entry more often, with more informational blog entries and reviews coming perhaps weekly or biweekly. This way I can keep people informed of changes I’ve made, and provide some good information about health and well-being whether it be calorie restriction, veganism, supplements, anti-aging treatments, skin, and hair health. I will be broadening what I write about.

I’ve also wondered if I should create a Facebook page for the blog, so I can share news about nutrition and health that I come across almost every day daily. I don’t what this blog becoming a news site, but Facebook would be great to share that kind of information as I don’t want to fill my own personal Facebook with news articles.

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