A Brief History And Future Plans

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When I first began researching health and applying what I had learned, I had no doubt in my mind that I would succeed in my goals. Almost right away, I started to eat healthily and it wasn’t long after that I began feeling the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

My skin cleared up, my allergies were cured, I slept better, and felt like a new person. It might seem strange that at a young age someone could say that, but I think that most people are not giving their body the right nutrition to feel and look the best they can. Sure, we can get away with a lot at a young age, but that doesn’t mean the lifestyle we live doesn’t affect us in a negative way.

There are many studies published which show that a lot of people are deficient in many nutrients. These deficiencies impact how the body and mind functions.

Lack of physical exercise can also have an impact on health. Just eating a healthy diet isn’t enough, especially when it comes to having a healthy mind.

Things I need to focus on in the future

Now that I’ve been working from home for over two years, my life has definitely changed. I don’t enjoy being on the computer all day, but unfortunately, my job requires it. After I finish work, I spend even more time on the computer, when I should really try to get away and get some physical exercise.

I need to maintain a healthy balance in the future. One of the ways I’ve been trying to achieve this is by working on some of my own projects that will allow me to become more independent. So I’ve decided to start working a lot more on this website, as well as other projects I have in mind.

I’m very passionate about health and longevity, I know a lot too, so I’d love to share more of what I know and let you in on my health journey.

Briefly back to the topic of working from home: here’s a funny little comic from the Oatmeal! I’m not that bad yet, but it could be like this if I don’t make some changes!

Thinking about taking regular classes in Kung Fu

As I’ve already talked about, I clearly need to become more physically active. I already go for walks and runs some mornings, but it’s not enough. I really would love to do Kung Fu again. It’s the same place I went to before and classes will be twice a week.

The last time that I trained there it really helped me focus, stay grounded, and it was nice to belong to a club. Martial Arts is also not simply about learning to fight but it can provide many other benefits which improve well-being.

Learning Martial Arts is always something I’ve enjoyed in the past. The first class I ever did was in Taekwondo (a Korean Martial Art) that was just down the road from me in a small community center. I was very excited at the time, especially after watching The Karate Kid! However, I was young, so I eventually got distracted and did something else. It’s a shame that I stopped.

Later on, I experimented with Judo because my best friend and brother started going. It wasn’t really my thing, but it was fun for a while.

After high school, I was invited to take Karate classes, which I did for over a year. I think I remember how to do some of the Katas still.

And more recently I went to a Shaolin Kung Fu class for a short while, but once again I had to return to work at the time training took place and I was saving for California. So I couldn’t attend classes.

In the past two years, I’ve had the freedom to start taking kung fu classes again.

Perhaps on Thursday, I’ll check out the class and then start the week after.  I’m also going to the gym with a friend at the weekend. So that’ll be 3 days of the week training. Since I will be a lot more active soon, I might have to increase the number of calories in my diet to compensate. Otherwise, I could lose weight from burning so many calories.

In the past, I’ve always been so physically active and fit

Looking back, I’ve always been very active for most of my life. It’s just these last few years that I’ve been sedentary a lot. I’ve not mentioned many other things I’ve done in the past either! These include football (soccer for Americans!), which I played for 15 years and almost every day (for real).

I was very good at football, but I never had a strong desire to try to play professionally. I believe I could have because I was actually very good and often people would ask me to join their team. I eventually quit playing football at some point in my 20s for various reasons. First of all, I didn’t want to get seriously injured like some of my friends had been in the past, and I became more interested in other endeavors.

“Nam Pai Chuan Competition at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff”

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