What’s The Secret To Staying Young?

Since I was 16 years old I have been trying many different products to try and improve my skin. At first, I wasn’t really focused on ‘anti-aging’ – it was more focused on just improving my skin condition because I suffered from acne when I was a teenager.

I have tested a lot of different cheap anti-aging products to more expensive products, and what I’ve found is that you do get what you pay for.

My favorite skincare right now has to be Skinceuticals. Their products transformed my skin when I first started to use them, and I can’t see myself ditching them anytime soon. By far the best skincare line that I’ve used.

Skinceuticals are one company that you can have high-grade products which are supported by science. This is why I trust them and like their products so much. I’ve also never had any bad reaction to a SkinCeuticals product. None of them has ever broken me out in spots like other creams and serums had done in the past.

I’ve not tried every single product by then, but I can vouch for the effectiveness. Skinceuticals products are absolutely worth the money. It might seem a big expense at first, but since the products typically last me months, it’s really not a lot if you think about it.

Below I will list the products that I am currently using as part of my skincare routine. It’s pretty basic, but I do get questions about what I use, so here it is!

Anti-aging skin Care | Morning Routine

Step 1: I wash my face using Clearasil 5 in 1 Face Wash

Step 2: I apply Skinceuticals CF Phloretin

Step 3: I apply SkinCeuticals Eye Balm

I change between using Skinceuticals CE+Ferulic and Skinceuticals CF+Phloretin. In the Winter I will use the CE+Ferulic and in the Summer I opt for the CF+Phloretin.

Anti-aging Skin Care | Night Routine

Step 1: I use Tea Tree wipes. These are quite gentle on my skin and are not dry my skin out like if I were to use my Clearasil face wash twice a day. It also moisturizes the skin a little as well.

Step 2: I apply Skinceuticals Eye Balm + Skinceuticals A.G.E Complex

That is basically my simple skincare routine in 2017. I’m trying to keep it pretty simple at the moment and just sticking with the products I believe are most effective in keeping my skin in good condition.

See my comparison of CF Phloretin vs CE Ferulic

Calorie Restriction Before And After

Throughout the years I have taken photos in a consistent way to show the effects of calorie restriction and good skin care in slowing down aging. I will keep this format, but in the future I’ll also update with higher quality images using a DSLR camera.

Calorie restriction in animals is able to slow down the appearance of aging. Below are few photos that I’ve taken over the years, mainly on webcam, showing me from 19 years old onwards.

I have more photos of me before calorie restriction and after the diet which I’ll upload at a later date!

Me at 19 years old

Me at 22 years old – (2008)  (2+ years after starting CRON)

around same time as I took this pic on FB

Me at 25 years of age 

Matthew Lake

Me around 28 years of age

Matthew Lake


MORE RECENT PHOTOS COMING SOON. . .   I’m 33 years old now 🙂

A look at vitamin C Serums

People ask me about the skin serums I use, and when I tell them I use Skinceuticals (which are premium) the cost is sometimes a bit too much. However, there are cheaper options available that offer good results as well. In a recent post, I look at the high end, mid-range, and a low priced vitamin C serum from Seoul Ceuticals.

Also, see my other posts on cosmetics and anti-aging skin care


  • My bf is 43 and people still think he is a student when he walks around the university campus. And to my knowledge, he uses absolutely zilch products on his face. Some lucky men (and women) look like they are in their 20s for a very long time. My guess is that you are one of them. For an average 40-year-old woman those high-end serums will do nothing, unfortunately.

    • Hey 🙂 thanks for the comment.

      I don’t doubt that genetics plays an important role, I just think that a good diet, good genetics, and good skin care will be better than just one of them alone. How much better is kind of difficult to answer I think…

      I wouldn’t say they’d do nothing, but you also can’t expect miracles and suddenly be 10 years younger lol. When I started using vitamin C serum, I noticed the biggest improvement in the first year… after that, they seemed to help keep my skin nice and probably work more as a preventative than further improving my skin.

      There are also hormones to factor in. Women have sudden drop around that age, whereas testosterone declines much more gradually…

      There have been a bunch of clinical trials using the ingredients in these skin serums and have shown they can reduce lines, clear up hyperpigmentation, reduce sun damage, DNA damage etc. See comparison photos below

      Results from one year of using CE Ferulic + Sunscreen

      Clinical studies (including pictures) for Vitamin C

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