Anti-Ageing Skin Care

What is the secret to staying young?

Anti-ageing skin care

Over the past 12 years I’ve tried many different things to improve my skin. I’ve tested lots of different foods and anti-ageing skin care products in an effort to correct damage to my skin, and also prevent the appearance of new damage such as fine lines, winkles and hyper-pigmentation. It’s not commonly known that damage to the skin begins early on in life when you are a child. It’s important to reverse that damage with products that contain things like Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid).

Well, after many years of testing and trying products that never worked, I’m happy to say that I’ve had some amazing results more recently.

Having suffered from moderate to severe acne during my teenage years, I was left with hyperpigmentation that just wouldn’t go away. For over 10 years I have been told that I look very young for my age; but I knew that the quality of my skin could be so much better. So I went out and researched a skincare regimen that would effectively rid me of these marks and prevent skin ageing.

Calorie restriction is effective in slowing down aging, but I don’t think we should leave it just up to diet and supplements. Sure, what you put in your body is very important, but I find it’s best to take care of the outside too . In the end, this will give the best long term results.

So here is my current skin care regimen as it is today.

Anti-ageing skin care | Morning Routine

– I wash with Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash — It’s important to remove dead skin and unblock pores so that the products I use with active ingredients can penetrate the skin and be most effective

– I apply SkinCeuticals CF Phloretin to my face. I don’t tend to use on my neck as instructed because the product lasts 6-7 months when I just put it on my face only. Important note: make sure that the product is a clear to champagne colour. And to maintain the effectiveness and slow down oxidation to the vitamin C, put the product in the refrigerator. See the results of CE  Ferulic (my other favourite product) and CF Phloretin Here

– I then apply SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector to my face to prevent and remove any discolorations and hyperpigmentation. The product contains ingredients that have a whitening effect and also blocks the production and transfer of melanin. I have found this product in combination with the CE Ferulic to by highly effective! The results were incredible. It has a silky feel to it and leaves the skin feeling amazing.

– I avoid excessive sun exposure!  I highly recommend that you use a high SPF sunblock. I think this is the one thing that most people who begin a healthy diet forget. A healthy diet will not completely prevent damage to your skin. To get the absolute best results, you have to protect your skin. By not doing so, the UV rays from the sun cause DNA damage, inflammation, and a rise in MMP enzymes which break down collagen making your skin sag and lined. I’ve avoided excessive sun exposure and tanning all my life and I believe this has contributed to being able to stay younger-looking. Anti-ageing skin care is not just about what products you are using on your skin, but also about preventing damage from the environment.

Anti-ageing skin care | Night Routine

Tea Tree wipes.  I use these to wipe off dirt, oil and anything on my skin. It also has other soothing ingredients that calm my skin and is moisturizing. You may choose a similar type of product that works for you. The main thing is that you take off any excess oil, dirt, or makeup in the night so we can apply our night product.

I often use Aloe Vera in the evening by Aubrey Organics – 100% Pure Aloe Vera

I often use Skincuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector in the night as well

As you may notice, I am a fan of Skinceuticals. I have used their products since 2009 and found them to be the most reliable that I’ve used. They are clinically tested and have many studies to back up their effectiveness. They are also recommended by dermatologists.


Ageing Timeline 

Slow aging on a raw food vegan diet and calorie restriction

Approximated to the nearest chronological age / year. Latest: 32 = 31y 11m old

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Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector