What I eat on a CR diet

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This is just an example of what I am currently eating on my CR diet.

Sometimes I have fish, but not often. But this usually represents a typical day for me. Unlike most people, I really don’t mind eating the same thing day in and day out, because I enjoy the food that I eat!

That being said, there is some variation in my diet: one day I might swap out sweet potato for carrots. I think if I ate both of those foods every day, I would become very orange from all the carotenoids in the food.

My CR Diet

Macronutrient ratio C=46 F=31 P=23

  1. Quaker Rolled Oats (w/water) 50g
  2. Bananas, raw 80g
  3. Blueberries, raw 50g
  4. Nuts, almonds, dried, unblanched 20g
  5. Whey Protein drink (w/water) 25g
  6. Walnuts 06g
  7. Lindt Dark Chocolate Excellence 85% 10g
  8. low-fat strawberry yogurt (omega3) 150g
  9. Fish oil (twice a week) rest of week flax oil (omega 3 from algae is a good alternative to fish oil)
  10. Apples, raw, with skin 150g
  11. Broccoli, steamed 250g
  12. Cauliflower, steamed 250g
  13. Brussels sprouts, steamed 150g
  14. Beans, snap, without salt 135g
  15. Onions, raw 100g
  16. Tesco Salsa 15g
  17. Spinach, raw 200g
  18. Leeks, (bulb and lower leaf-portion), raw 100g
  19. Tomatoes, orange, raw 200g
  20. Oil, olive, salad or cooking 13.5g
  21. Whey Protein drink (w/water) 25g
  22. Sweet potato with skin, steamed 150g
  23. Salmon fillets 50g
  24. Zinc 15mg 15mg
  25. Spices, basil, ground 5g
  26. Garlic, raw 6g
  27. Spices, turmeric, ground 2g
  28. Essential Mix (36 vitamin/minerals) 7g

My thoughts on eating a varied diet

I think there are many benefits to eating a diet where you rotate the foods often because you can get a lot of different phytonutrients which are beneficial to health. I think at some point, I will make more of an effort to including more variety in my diet and changing things around a little.

I also wonder about the effects of eating the same thing every day. I know that in CR studies, the animals are basically fed the same food every day, and it doesn’t seem to do them any harm, but maybe it’s the not the most optimal way of eating.

That being said, my health is really good and the blood tests I’ve had back from the doctors shows that my health is amazing. I’ll share my blood test results in future posts so you can take a look at them and maybe compare them to your own.

The best way to determine whether or not your diet plan is working for you is to not just rely on subjective feelings of how well you think you are, but objective measurements of health. This is what matters the most. And it’s also a good idea if you want to live a really long time as I do.

My calorie intake is also quite low at around 1500-1600 Calories per day, so it’s super important that I get these tests done regularly.

Reviewed and updated: February 2019.

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