Costa Rica Longevity Expedition

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The new expedition begins!

Costa Rica is a longevity hotspot in the world where lots of people reach old age in good health. It is one of 5 areas in the world where lots of people live to 100 due to their lifestyle habits.

Check out this video on Costa Rica on their longevity!

1 in 4000 people in America┬ámakes it to 100 years old, but in Costa Rica, 1 in 250 people reach 100 years old. Isn’t that amazing?!

In the video, they meet a centenarian who is still horse riding! This is pretty incredible because a lot of people this age in the west are in nursing homes.

His diet contains whole corn, beans and, and rice. The healthy diet is thought to be one of the main reasons why people like Jose are able to maintain such good health in old age.

Imagine if people ate like this in the west? We would have less heart disease, cancer, diabetes. People would live much healthier and happier lives. The problem is that most people think eating healthy is boring and doesn’t taste good. People in Costa Rica make their healthy food taste good, and that’s why they can maintain the diet.

In the second video, they look at the traits that are shared by centenarians that enable them to live such a long time:

  • Spiritual life
  • Close to family and friends
  • Diet
  • Physical activity

In the video, they meet a 109-year-old great, great, great grandmother. What is incredible is that her son with her in the video is 93-years old!

It could indicate that there are some genetic reasons why she lived so long, and he may live that long also. But no doubt, diet has something to do with it, since this area has the most centenarians and the highest number of people over 80 on the planet!

Later in the video, they visit Andreas, a centenarian who is 102 years old and is quite spry for his age! Like in the previous video, he also has a diet rich in beans, rice, and root vegetables.

It’s consistently shown that a plant-based diet is really important for health and longevity.

For people who live in Costa Rica, if they reach 60-years old, they are predicted to have a very good chance of reaching 90-years old. Although the country is not rich by western standards, natural foods and a good lifestyle can keep people healthy.

Imagine what is possible when you combine this type of healthy diet with modern medicine?

If you want to learn more about the Blue Zones and how people from these 5 areas reach 100, you can check out the link below which will take you to the “Blue Zones”.


No matter where we look in the world, it’s clear that a plant-based diet is important in helping you reach 100 years old. It’s possible that a mild level of CR may slow down the aging process, but a healthy diet will prevent common old-age diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more.

The earlier you adopt a healthier lifestyle, the healthier you will be in old age. Always keep that in mind before you choose your next meal. ­čÖé

Article reviewed and updated: February 2019.

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