Some success, some failure

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Its been a few weeks now since I started to garden and grow my own food. I hope it all works out because this is my first time trying! I’m also doing most of my planting in garden boxes as it seems to be a good way to prevent damage and control growth.

So far I’ve had 6 of the 10 strawberry plants grow fine, whereas the other plants had some issues with fungus growing inside the pots and ended up destroying the plant before it could really¬†take off. That’s okay, I think it’s a good¬†success rate for my first attempt.

The reason for some of the failed plants could’ve been the humidity we’ve had lately and the fact that I put a bag over the plants which might’ve worsened the situation.

Next time I’ll make sure to have better circulation so the air can flow nicely between the plants.

spinach seedlings

Now I just have to get them to a full plant without losing anymore! They’re still really tiny but I read that soon they should start to pick up and grow much faster.

I have two types of spinach growing in my garden box. One lot seems to be doing just fine. As you can see in the pictures, everything is growing nicely.

However, the other box only a few have come up and in total, I was expecting around 50 spinach plants.

Maybe it’s the seeds I used in the other box are not too good or maybe they just take longer (I’ll have to re-read the packet).

If nothing happens in the next week, I’ll put some more seeds in the ground so I get a decent harvest this year.

Other than that, the broccoli is doing great! Broccoli is one of my favorite foods, so I’ll look forward to eating them.

Now my tomato plants!

I gave 2 of them away to a friend, 5 in a big pot, and a couple downstairs which are growing nicely.

If I only end up with 5 tomato plants that will be great!

Mint plant growing wild

We recently got a mint plant and it’s been growing crazy. We have to put it separate from everything else before it takes over everything.

Soon I will plant it in a small box on its own or with some other herbs in the garden (perhaps basil).

As for the Basil, it’s holding up well. I realize that cold weather is not so good for it but it seems to be doing okay despite that.

Sometimes the plant looks as if it’s dying, but then it springs back to life again. I think I planted it a bit too early in the year, but if it dies, at least I know not to do that next time.

It’s all a learning experience, right?

The greenhouse I’m building is almost done, it’ll be ready in the next few days I think. Then I can put all the plants I have in my house there instead. They’ll get a lot more sunlight and hopefully grow a lot faster.

And finally, I just sowed two rows of carrots! There appears to be some growth as these green things are coming up from the ground (they look like grass).

So that concludes my short update on my garden! I’ll keep you all updated on my gardening adventures in the near future.

Article reviewed and updated: February 2019.

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