Gardening in Boxes: Growing Fruits and Vegetables

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strawberry plants in garden boxes

I was hoping to start growing plants from seed this year, but I was extremely busy and never got around to it. Also, we had quite a few cold weeks well into spring and even some snow. So even if I did start gardening early, some of the plants might’ve died anyway.  So anyway, I’ve included a few pictures I took today of fruits and vegetables I’m growing in little garden boxes and pots.

It’s been almost two weeks since I planted everything. I had to put cages around the boxes to stop our rabbit from eating everything. As soon as I put them in the boxes, it wasn’t long until the rabbit discovered some delicious greens lol.

The rabbit loves strawberry plant leaves, and also tried nibbling away at the tomato plants (I don’t think they’re great for rabbits?)

I’ve not finished planting everything yet. I’ve just ordered some spinach seeds and I’ll move a few strawberry plants to smaller pots along the fence to make some room for the spinach.

Spinach has been a tough one for me to grow in the past. The biggest issue I’ve faced is stopping the snails and slugs from eating them. Also, certain types of insects lay eggs underneath the spinach, and it’s good to watch out for them. I think when they hatch, they start eating away at the plant.

I haven’t thought about how I’m going to deal with this yet. Any environmentally-friendly suggestions? Something that won’t harm animals like birds, rabbits, or children! I have many nieces and nephews running around out there most days.

As you can see, there’s not much growing in the garden yet, but I will plant a few more things when I get a chance in the next few days after I go and do some shopping.

I really wanted to grow sweet million tomato plants again as well, but unfortunately, they were all sold out when we went to buy them. I’ve had great success with them in the past, and they taste so damn good!

We grew so many of them in the past, we were giving them away to neighbors. 🙂

Now I’ve got so many nephews and nieces, I don’t have to worry about growing too much food. They are usually gone before I even have a chance to eat any of them! lol

growing blueberries in pots

What’s in and around the garden boxes

  1. Apple Tree
  2. Pear Tree
  3. Strawberry plants
  4. Two blueberry plants (these should be placed in an acidic soil for good growth)
  5. Two Sweet 100 tomato plants

fruit trees and veggies

All along the side of the fence there, I think I’ll put some pots and grow different types of herbs and transfer some of the strawberry plants over there

The garden is pretty big, but it’s difficult to use the space because some parts of the garden get only a few hours of light, and I’m not sure what to grow there.

But another factor in why I have to choose just a few small areas to grow food in is because the kids need somewhere to run around and play as well.

Last year we didn’t get any fruits from the apple tree or the pear tree, so we’re hoping to get some this year. This year, there have been quite a lot of flowers on them, so I’m looking forward to enjoying fruits from the garden! 🙂

Although I have no previous experience growing apple or pears. I imagine that birds might be an issue? Is there any way to deter pests from eating up your food?

I’ll continue to update my progress on my garden over the coming weeks and months. Most likely on a  weekly or biweekly basis.

Do you have a garden? And if so, what kinds of fruits, vegetables or herbs are you growing this year? 🙂

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