PureChimp Matcha Green Tea Review: Has It Won Me Over?

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Green Tea has be one of my favorite beverages since I discovered it over 15 years ago. Like most people, I’d go for the brands you typically find in the supermarket such as Twining’s, Clippers, or Tetley. And there’s nothing particularly bad about them, they taste fine! At least until you try pure matcha green tea from PureChimp.

So recently I was browsing around and saw this Matcha Green Tea from PureChimp (interesting name, I thought…) Anyway, I went ahead and bought it as it was fairly cheap relative to other ceremonial grade teas.

And so what’s it like? Well, I may never go back to the old brands I was drinking before. In fact, I’ve not even opened the box of sencha tea that I bought just prior to discovering this product.

But maybe you’re new to the world of green tea and you’re saying to yourself: “matcha, sencha? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, I just drink green tea…”

Okay, I got you: check out my article on the differences between sencha and matcha.

And maybe when you’re finished with that, do check out the catechin content of various green tea brands.

Before I start giving my overall views of the product, here are some pictures!

Matcha is a fine, rich powder, that is full of antioxidants. The deep green color is from its high chlorophyll content.

A little bit about PureChimp Matcha Green Tea Product And The Brand


When I saw the name PureChimp it stood out to me and so I did a little research on the company before I bought the product. I was happy to see that their ethics are in line with mine. When you purchase their products, 5% of the profits go towards a charity that is dedicated to saving chimps. I absolutely love this!

They also avoid any artificial ingredients in their product line and they only use 100% recyclable materials for both packaging and the jar that the green tea is contained in.

The product

Each 1/2 teaspoon of PureChimp matcha green tea will contain approximately 59 mg of EGCG. This is the catechin in green tea that has been investigated all over the world for its health-promoting properties. Each cup will also contain 32 mg of caffeine.

On their website, they don’t mention the total catechin content relative to other green tea brands, but the amount of EGCG in the product is enough to enjoy the health benefits if consumed every day and it’s significantly higher than a lot of the cheaper supermarket brands you’ll find on the shelves.

Each jar you get contains 50 grams of pure matcha powder, so if you just consume the recommended 1 or 2 cups per day using 1/2 teaspoon per cup, it’ll last you quite a while.

The matcha green tea from PureChimp is a ceremonial grade matcha product. This means that the tea is cultivated by picking the youngest leaves with the stems and veins taken away and are stone-grounded into a fine powder. It leaves the final product with a vibrant and rich green color that is very distinguishable from any other green tea.

A little goes a long way

I followed the instructions on the jar that said to put in about half a teaspoon of matcha into a little cold water and stir to mix it in. Once that’s done, you can pour in the water from the kettle to fill the cup and continue to mix it.

It’s best not to pour boiling water into the cup, so let it cool down for a minute or two first. I’ve found that this helps a lot and improves the taste. Getting the right temperature is important for the perfect brew!

If you’re using a cup that holds about 200-220 ml of water, you’ll find that the matcha powder mixes into the water to create a lovely rich texture. Every cup of matcha green tea is more satisfying to drink because of it’s fuller texture. But you can create an even thicker drink by putting in a full teaspoon of matcha. It’s entirely up to you!

Now instead of drinking 10 cups of regular green tea every day, I have about 4-5 cups of matcha. I feel energized for hours on end and I also feel a mental calmness that persists for a while after every cup.

If you drink as much as me, you will use up the jar quite quickly and it’ll be far more expensive than regular tea bags you buy at the store, but you don’t need to drink a lot. Just 1-2 cups of matcha a day will provide more benefit than several cups of the regular green tea from the store.

Makes me love drinking green tea again

Having a cup of green tea in the morning has become somewhat of a ritual for me over the years but I started to use products that had flavoring in them such as lemon, ginger, or jasmine. However, with the matcha tea, I prefer it natural and untainted with any other flavors.

It’s simply perfect as it is and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

PureChimp matcha green tea has a very pleasant and savory taste while being mildly sweet and gentle on the taste buds.

I also haven’t found it to make me queasy when I drink it on an empty stomach as can happen occasionally with sencha green tea.

Is there anything that I dislike?

I think although it’s fairly cheap relative to other matcha green tea brands, if you’re drinking up to 5 cups of it a day like me, the cost will be adding up rather quickly. In this case, one could simply use regular green tea and drink matcha once a day. They only recommend one or two cups a day anyhow to get the benefits of drinking green tea.

I’m enjoying the product so much and they have a great policy to give 5% of the profits to charity to help chimps.

I honestly can’t say anything bad about the taste or quality of the product itself!


If you’ve never had matcha before and you want to give it a try, go and buy it here on their website!

Normally they ship worldwide, but if for any reason they can’t, you’ll find it here on Amazon also.

You’d think that I never tried matcha before, right?

Well, I have, but it was a while ago and I couldn’t justify the price at the time. I also don’t remember it being as nice as this either, but here I am in 2020, a matcha tea addict. I think I even prefer this over my daily cup of hot chocolate!

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  • I am going to try this brand of matcha at some point in the next few months for my YouTube taste-testing diaries… It looks like it is pretty good quality (it’s greenish looking vs. so many that are yellowish or cheaper)… I’ll give an honest opinion on my YouTube channel and send you a link when I’m done! If you ever get a chance I would *highly* suggest trying some Koyamen matcha. Their matcha goes anywhere from $10-$100 and is beyond compare… Koyamen is my main go-to when buying matcha but I can’t wait to try this new (to me) brand…

  • I just decided to buy this recommended Pure Chimp Green tea matcha based on on all the health benefits I have achieved from another health article you wrote ( improved my blood sugar drinking green smoothies for breakfast)!! I can’t wait to try this green tea! Especially, during quarrantine when it is the small little rituals and pleasures that make the day special and are much needed!!!

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